ABBA All Number One Singles

This is a recap of the 22 singles by ABBA that reached number one in the singles chart of any country worldwide, starting with the least successful and ending with the most successful song.

The chart information is taken from the “ABBA Charts” site (

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The 0001 Stratocaster – David Gilmour

A short write-up describing details pertaining to the popular 0001 Stratocaster as presently owned by David Gilmour. A 1954 initial pre CBS stratocaster with a 0001 serial number – this must be one of the rarest guitars on the planet irrespective of the notoriety of the tool’s proprietors with the years.

Using a Chromatic Tuner for Better Performance of Your Guitar

Tuning your guitar with a receiver can make a real difference in your tuning. Adjusting by ear may often not be trusted sufficient. Making use of a colorful receiver makes your adjusting much more also extra specific, and provides you more alternatives in adjusting.

Top 10 Famous Guitars

What are the top 10 most renowned guitars on the planet? We’re checking out even more than brands and also models, we’re looking at defining, distinct instruments that were played by the fantastic guitar players and have a story to tell.

What Are The Key Ingredients That Make a Great Recording Studio?

By doing a little residence job you can make certain that you wind up with a terrific quality sound recording of your most recent track. This short article summarize the vital aspects that you must understand when making your recording decisions.

Don’t Be Fooled By Equipment Snobs

In the 21st century, innovation is ending up being increasingly more cost effective and the span of what individuals can complete in your home and beyond is quickly increasing. Naturally with many sectors becoming an increasing number of advanced technically there is a propensity for many to attempt to ‘maintain up with the Joneses.’ Spending too much on the current is best is far from uncommon and the recording studio can be one of the most awful perpetrators.

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