ABBA Best Album Tracks

This is a recap of the 30 best songs by ABBA not released as a single in the UK.

Some of the songs were released as singles in other countries, e.g. Honey Honey in Germany & the US or When All Is Said and Done in the US and Australia.

I used fan-made videos for some of the songs, mostly by “RJS Creative Adventures” (

No copyright infringement intended.

Research Before You Choose A Recording Studio

Summing up the benefits of investigating prior to selecting a recording studio. The more informed the decision the much better the sound.

The Secret Ingredient Of A Great Recording Studio

Assessing the benefits in giving a comfy and imaginative atmosphere in a recording workshop. Cultivating a great ‘vibe’ is critical to a studio’s possible success.

Melodic Guitar And 34 Million Pizzas

I have recently seen some pizza chain marketing the fact that they have 34 million pizza topping combinations. That obtained me believing about music and ariose innovation, as well as the virtual limitless combinations (permutations, truly). You see for pizza, order doesn’t matter. A sausage and mushroom pizza tastes the like a mushroom and also sausage pizza. In songs order is necessary. We can begin with 34 million mixes as well as expand it truly right into infinity.

Radio Airplay Will Really Help to Promote Your Music Production

Here we discuss why music production will actually enhance your account as both a DJ as well as a music manufacturer. The benefits of having your songs played survive on air or on an on the internet podcast are unlimited.

History Of The Piano

Before taking a look at the history of the piano, it is necessary to define and briefly go over pianos. Primarily, a piano can be defined as musical instrument played utilizing a keyboard. Pianos have actually been used for many centuries in many musical efficiencies. They are presently the world’s most prominent music tools due to the fact that of their adaptability and also universality.

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