All German #1s of the 70s/ Nr.1 Hits Deutschland 1970-1979

All songs that went to number one in Germany between 1970 and 1979.
Alle Nr.1 Hits in Deutschland zwischen 1970 und 1979.
Song snippets are kept short so that the video doesn’t get blocked due to copyright infringement.

Ten Unusual Foods Mentioned In Popular Songs

On Thanksgiving Day the local public radio terminal played Alice’s Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie, which in fantastic detail describes a challenge that befell the vocalist on the holiday of the last Thursday in November. Couple of various other songs appear to fit the style of Thanksgiving, especially if you are looking for tunes concerning turkeys. John Lennon’s Cold Turkey is probably one of the most popular, however it is less concerning the bird on the supper table than it is about a personal battle.

Revolution Radio – Green Day Is Back, But Is It a Revolution or Another Musical Flop?

Green Day’s Revolution Radio was launched on the 7th October, their first studio album because their trilogy flopped in 2012. Has it revolutionised their style, or left much to be admired?

Syd Barrett: Genius or Madman?

There is a fine line in between a madman as well as a genius. Which one was Barrett? Dive into his mind to discover your own interpretation.

5 Useful Guitar Accessories

The majority of guitar players have their own individual collection of devices and devices to assist play and preserve their equipment. One of the most preferred accessories exist to assist carry out better, transform strings promptly, or make it feasible to seem distinct.

How To Easily Clean Up Sloppy Guitar Technique And Make Your Guitar Playing More Accurate

Careless guitar technique is a huge part of why you make errors as well as experience frustration in your playing. When you have sloppy guitar technique, you are not able to make fast progression and also your playing often tends to sound amateur.

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