All German #1s of the 80s/ Nr.1 Hits Deutschland 1980-1989

All songs that went to number one in Germany between 1980 and 1989.
Alle Nr.1 Hits in Deutschland zwischen 1980 und 1989.
Song snippets are kept short so that the video doesn’t get blocked due to copyright infringement.

Downloading Music Helps Indie Artists

Individuals are aiding Indie songs musicians to succeed by downloading and install songs. The funny thing is that the music is frequently free.

What Is Deathpop Music? The History of Deathpop (Part 2)

Having been developed in 1997 by Paige Haley of the rock band Orgy, Deathpop was a noise that controlled late 90’s rock graphes. Yet just a few people can remember this design of songs. This is the second part of a three component series documenting a tiny however poignant spot in rock background.

What Is Deathpop Music? The History of Deathpop (Part 1)

Have you ever came across Deathpop songs? It’s a lesser recognized sub-genre of Rock, which went to its elevation in the late 90’s. Review all concerning the history of this recent movement in songs, which is currently on the rise today within Indie Rock.

7 Reasons Why The CAGED System Sucks

WARNING: The captive system is crippling your guitar playing progress. By learning the ranges with this system you are likely to establish these issues in your guitar playing: Problem # 1: Your Guitar Speed Is Going To Endure Greatly Being a rapid guitar player is hard for a great deal of guitar players because of numerous reasons. So the captive system isn’t always the only factors why your guitar speed is suffering.

Digital Music Marketing Strategy: How Tunecore Can Catapult Your Income

Making use of Tunecore and this electronic music marketing approach is the perfect suitable for any type of independent artist looking to enhance their sales. Check out on to learn just how this strategy functions as well as how to utilize it.

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