Bee Gees – Australian Chart History (Top 10 Singles)

A recap of all 33 songs written by the Bee Gees that reached the top 10 of the Australian Singles Chart between 1966 and 1998.
I had to mute the audio to ‘Ghetto Supastar’, in order to avoid the video being blocked due to copyright infringement.

Men At Work Lyrics For “Down Under”

1980’s Australian band “Guys At the office” had some truly cool tunes and also videos. They likewise had some intelligent and uniquely Australian lyrics. This post discusses the lyrics to their track “Down Under”

How To Transform Your Guitar Licks Part 1 – Using Vibrato

What is the key to changing common guitar licks into killer guitar licks? You should understand just how to make use of guitar techniques such as vibrato to stress the notes in your licks and make them as expressive as feasible. Many guitar players do refrain from doing this, and also wind up playing sub-par licks that are not really motivating. Below are most regular problems in these guitarists’ lead playing:

What Is Good and What Is Bad On Free Guitar Lesson

Numerous people who want to take up guitar playing search for totally free guitar lessons. Yet let us analyze a little bit the advantages and also the disadvantages of this type of lessons. To start with, the silver lining of things is that you clearly can follow these lessons also if your spending plan is really tight.

5 Things You Need To Be A Rapper

You have actually decided that you wish to come to be a hip hop musician. But there are numerous points you require to learn before entering the hip hop globe. Below are 5 tools that you absolutely can not live without if you hope to succeed.

Vocally and Otherwise Speaking, The World Evidently Has Gone Crazy

Let’s analyze what has happened to the globe recently? What has actually happened is that nobody talks, especially on the phone. Everyone is texting and also e-mailing and also almost nobody connects otherwise. Not necessarily any of those people have a voice issue; which’s why they hesitate to talk. Yet, all of them, nonetheless, individually, have an issue alike; they just do not know exactly how to connect anymore, (voice trouble or otherwise).

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