Best Eurodance Songs 1992-1994

48 of the most successful eurodance songs from 1992-1994:

Snap! – Rhythm Is A Dancer
Dr Alban – It’s My Life
Double You – Please Don’t Go
KWS – Please Don’t Go
Undercover – Baker Street
Felix – Don’t You Want Me (audio muted due to copyright issues)
Captain Hollywood Project – More And More
Snap! – Exterminate
CoRo feat. Taleesa – Because The Night
Felix – It Will Make Me Crazy
Leila K. – Open Sesame
Captain Hollywood Project – Only With You
2 Unlimited – No Limit
Dr Alban – Sing Hallelujah
Haddaway – What Is Love
2 Unlimited – Tribal Dance
Culture Beat – Mr Vain
DJ BoBo – Somebody Dance With Me
Haddaway – Life
Loft – Summer Summer
2 Unlimited – Faces
Culture Beat – Got To Get It
The Real McCoy – Another Night
Twenty 4 Seven – Slave To The Music
Maxx – Get-A-Way
Cappella – U Got 2 Let The Music
2 Unlimited – Maximum Overdrive
Jam & Spoon feat. Plavka – Right In The Night
Prince Ital Joe & Marky Mark – Happy People
Cappella – Move On Baby
The Real McCoy – Automatic Lover
Haddaway – Rock My Heart
Magic Affair – Omen 3
Mr President – Up N Away
Prince Ital Joe & Marky Mark – United
2 Unlimited – The Real Thing
BG The Prince Of Rap – The Colour Of My Dreams
Ice MC – Think About The Way
Cappella – U And Me
Corona – The Rhythm Of The Night
Playahitty – The Summer Is Magic
DJ BoBo – Everybody
Pharao – I Show You Secrets
Whigfield – Saturday Night
MoDo – 1 2 Polizei
La Bouche – Sweet Dreams
Pharao – There Is A Star
Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe

The Real Power Of Music

The genuine power of music isn’t regarding playing much faster, or understanding more playing strategies, or loading your head packed with more music expertise than any person else. The genuine power of songs has to do with discovering exactly how to tap into the power that lies hidden within music itself.

Guitar Music And The Concept Of Rhythm

Guitar music and also the concept of rhythm. Rhythm is a complicated concept and the word can not be clarified in a straightforward, simple way. It is a term which can be made use of to reveal a number of related ideas which are all, in some method, interested in the “Time” component in music.

How To Promote Your Music: A Guide for Local Bands

Nowadays, local bands have a limitless variety of social networks outlets to promote themselves. But in order to use them, you still need to already have some following, which is why it’s truly crucial to find out exactly how to promote your music in a much more targeted way.

Band Drama: How to Deal With and Possibly Avoid It

Remaining in a band is awesome, but with every marvelous minute on stage comes the unpreventable band drama that can drive you nuts! Figure out exactly how to handle it as well as feasible means to prevent it.

The Life And Death of Paco De Lucia

The emergence and popularity of the Spanish Flamenco Guitar as a solo instrument was a result of the acheivements of the “Dad’s of Flamenco.” Ramon Montoya. Sabicas. As Well As Nino Ricardo. Now, unfortunately, they are signed up with by a 4th “Father” – Francisco Sanchez Gomez – Paco de Lucia.

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