Billboard Top 5 Singles on Valentine’s day (1970-1989)

Happy Valentine’s for the lovers (and others)…

Learn to Make Your Own Dubstep Music

Dubstep Music has actually expanded in popularity in recent months. The excellent component about this kind of songs is that it can be made electronically with some straightforward, low-cost software. All you need is a computer system and also a little creative imagination.

Carmen the Beguiler

The opera Carmen has actually beguiled target markets for greater than 150 years and also they still like her. It’s not a brand-new story; it’s been played out in actual human lives numerous times. It is a remarkable story of enthusiasm, romance, and also betrayal. Unusually, it flopped when first carried out in Paris in 1875.

Are You Taking Advantage of the Ultimate Ear Training Exercise?

This ear training exercise will multiply the outcomes that you are already obtaining from your ear training. You will certainly ask yourself why you have not been doing this the entire time when you see the results of a couple of short weeks dealing with this workout!

Do You Know Where Chords Come From?

The objective of this post is to illuminate the primary nature of the triad from its diatonic basis. This describes where the various chord high qualities come from as well as why we have the different kinds of chords in an easy-to-understand method.

How I Fixed the Harmonic Curve of My Folk Harp With Fiberglass and Epoxy Filler

While sailing with my household in Mexico, my harp established a split in the Harmonic Curve (tools do not such as saltwater settings– that’s a ‘piece of cake’). Being a bit useful with boating fix-it jobs, we made a decision to repair the harp with fiberglass and also epoxy which would make it even stronger than in the past. A Harp has an unbelievable amount of pressure from the tension of the strings and also we thought this sort of repair would be the very best for stamina. This takes you with a rather ‘step by action’ procedure of how we completed this task. The fix was done 4 years earlier in La Paz, Mexico as well as is still holding after 10,000 even more miles mixed-up.

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