(Forgotten) USA Songs 1980 Volume 2 (mostly peaked Billboard between #50 and #100)

After the Top 269 of 1980 songs in USA (you can see the video here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5297JeKjWI), here comes volume 2, including songs which mostly peaked Billboard between #50 and #100 in chronological order. So most of songs from the list are obscure and forgotten (10% has been successful in another countries though). Videos are short because of copyright restrictions.

Good Quality Cables Can Help Your System Perform Better

You have actually got the most pricey hifi system, have actually fitted the most effective doing devices, have positioned your audio speakers properly and also have obtained one of the most effective amplifier for your system, however still your system does not perform well. At the very least your system does not give you the acoustic feel you desired.

A Brief History of Rock Legends Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin is just one of the globe’s all-time most influential rock songs acts. This article discovers their background as well as how they became considered such a prominent music team.

Why Is Earthing Essential for Your Hifi Equipment?

Electrocution. Few individuals would certainly be mindful of words. However, almost all of you would be conscious that electric shock causes death.

The Roots and Growth Of Reggae

Ska created in Jamaican workshops in the late 1950s, birthed of the earlier category known as Mento. It is typically acknowledged by its quarter-note strolling bass-lines, emphasized guitar or piano rhythms played offbeat, & a drum pattern that emphasizes the 3rd beat in bench. The jazz-influence can be heard in the abundant horn-riffs that are so characteristic of the ska-genre. The songs ended up being a staple for Jamaican & international young people, beyond Jamaica most significantly the UK Mods.

Mods Versus Rockers: Brighton, 1964

The Mods & the Rockers were two contrasting youth societies of the early to mid 1960s. This dispute was fuelled by both the fighters themselves & the political leaders & media. The spectacle, televised & sprinkled throughout the newspapers in 1964, had actually produced an ethical panic in the UK. The state of British young people was currently brought into question, with both mods & rockers being seen as degenerate, fierce & uncontrollable.

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