Nr. 2 Hits Deutschland/ German #2s 1984-1985

Alle Lieder, die Platz 2 (aber nicht Platz 1) der deutschen Singles Charts zwischen 1984 und 1985 erreichten.
All songs that peaked at #2 on the German Singles Chart between 1984 and 1985.
Ich musste eine neue Version des Videos hochladen, das vorherige Video wurde wegen Verletzung des Urheberrechts gesperrt.
I had to re-upload a slightly edited version of the video due to copyright issues.

What Is the Most Popular Question I Get Asked As a Wedding DJ?

I obtain asked all kinds of inquiries as a wedding event DJ, some funny, some embarrassing. What inquiry do I get asked one of the most by bride-to-bes and also bridegrooms, though, may surprise you.

Positive Songs and Popular Music: Hear Her Roar

Favorable tunes concerning valor have prominent equivalents. Positive songs and prominent themes can be one in the very same.

Stealing From Other Musicians

Taking from your favorite artists and also locate instantaneous endless inspiration. SHOULD you do it? If so, HOW should you do it?

Find Out How Playing Music to Your Unborn Baby Can Have Lasting Effects on It

Did you understand that playing songs to your coming baby could have long lasting impacts on it? According to the professionals, a foetus listens to lots of noises from the outside globe. Nonetheless, there is a sort of noise that catches the infant’s interest most from moms-to-be is songs. Although the actual effect of prenatal direct exposure to Mozart and also Bach is yet to be developed, preliminary research seems to show that your coming baby may possibly delight in and also rather take advantage of an everyday dosage of music.

Deeper Meaning In Music Pt1

Music has actually been an integral part of our human experience for a lengthy time. David played his lyre to relax King Saul’s troubled spirit. Orpheus, of Greek mythology, was an ultimate musician that cruised with Jason and also the Argonauts. He conserved the Argonauts from the Sirens and also put to rest the dragon so Jason might take the Golden Fleece. It’s no surprise then, that there is something within us that is seeking much deeper meaning in music. Occasionally it has actually been right before all of us the moment. Sometimes we have to dig a little much deeper. Sometimes we discover it. Sometimes we don’t.

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