Top 40 Hit Songs Music Quiz (Same Song Name – Different Singer) [MUSIC QUIZ COMPILATION] Part 3

Top 40 Hit Songs Music Quiz (Same Song Name – Different Singer) [MUSIC QUIZ COMPILATION] Part 3

A list of Top 40 Hit Songs Music Quiz (Same Song Name – Different Singer) including: Cliff Richard – Carrie, Europe – Carrie, Pointer Sisters – Automatic, Tokio Hotel – Automatic, Joan Manuel Serrat – Mediterráneo, Los Rebeldes – Mediterráneo, The Doors – Indian Summer, Stereophonics – Indian Summer, Enrique Iglesias – Hero, Skillet – Hero, Fleetwood Mac – Hold Me, Menudo – Hold Me, Ireen Sheer – Feuer, Faun – Feuer, Thompson Twins – Lay Your Hands On Me, Bon Jovi – Lay Your Hands On Me, The Animals – It’s My Life, Dr. Alban – It’s My Life, Kyo – Dernière danse, Indila – Dernière Danse, Empire Of The Sun – Alive, Sia – Alive and many more!!!

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01 Cliff Richard – Carrie
02 Europe – Carrie
03 Pointer Sisters – Automatic
04 Tokio Hotel – Automatic
05 Joan Manuel Serrat – Mediterráneo
06 Los Rebeldes – Mediterráneo
07 The Doors – Indian Summer
08 Stereophonics – Indian Summer
09 Enrique Iglesias – Hero
10 Skillet – Hero
11 Fleetwood Mac – Hold Me
12 Menudo – Hold Me
13 Ireen Sheer – Feuer
14 Faun – Feuer
15 Thompson Twins – Lay Your Hands On Me
16 Bon Jovi – Lay Your Hands On Me
17 The Animals – It’s My Life
18 Dr. Alban – It’s My Life
19 Kyo – Dernière danse
20 Indila – Dernière Danse
21 Empire Of The Sun – Alive
22 Sia – Alive
23 Scorpions – Rhythm Of Love
24 Plain White T’s – Rhythm Of Love
25 Bon Jovi – Always
26 blink-182 – Always
27 Raffaella Carrà – Fiesta
28 The Pogues – Fiesta
29 Lady Gaga – Monster
30 Skillet – Monster
31 Imagine Dragons – Monster
32 Shawn Mendes & Justin Bieber – Monster
33 Thompson Twins – Hold Me Now
34 Johnny Logan – Hold Me Now
35 Luciano Pavarotti – O Sole Mio
36 SF9 – O Sole Mio
37 Fairground Attraction – Perfect
38 Simple Plan – Perfect
39 One Direction – Perfect
40 Ed Sheeran – Perfect

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