UK Singles Charts Flashback – December 5, 1993

Top 50 singles charts from United Kingdom, 28 years ago.

A Songwriter’s Guide to Easily Understanding the 7 Modes in Popular Music

There are seven modes in contemporary music. This write-up will offer you a quick summary of each one.

A Songwriter’s Guide to Easily Changing the Key of a Song

There are a variety of reasons you may intend to alter the secret of a track. However occasionally it can be difficult to determine what the chords of a brand-new key must be. We’ll take a look at a very easy way to do it, in this short article.

A Songwriting Shortcut for Coming Up With Chord Progressions for Your Songs

In this article I’ll lay out a few of the most typical chord developments used in music. I’ll additionally supply a listing of all the chords in each significant secret for you to utilize as you create your following tune.

Maintaining Voice Quality Through Good Health

Vocalists that want to maintain the high quality of their voices throughout the years have to maintain health. Caring for their voices comes as outcome of caring for their physical as well as psychological health and wellness too. Poor wellness will certainly result to decrease body immune system that may end up in infections. When the throat or any kind of part of the speech body organ is contaminated, singers might not be able to sing correctly.

Top Ten Oasis Songs

Oasis has an online reputation, the sort of which, depends on who you speak to. Some believe they are just one of the greatest bands of perpetuity. Others see them as unapologetic plagiarists. Nevertheless you view them one thing is for sure, their songs are strongly catchy.

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