UK Singles Charts Flashback – January 04, 1976

Top 50 singles charts from United Kingdom, 46 years ago.

Don’t Get Mad At The Commercial Songs Of Today Get Even With Your Songwriting

Take a look at these time tested as well as real means to gain from the commercial tracks, and afterwards create songs that are even better! Do not obtain drawn right into that defeatist way of thinking! There are a lot of avenues with the modern technology these days to be original, and also still be listened to as a songwriter.

Tips For Staying Clean and Dry at a Music Festival

With the 2012 songs event season off to a very damp beginning, and projection to continue along the same capillary, it deserves being prepared for the worst. As the excellent old claiming goes: “there’s no such thing as poor climate, only inappropriate apparel.”

The Violin – Some Musical Terms Explained – Frequently Asked Questions

This post is intended to aid those brand-new violinists starting as beginners; there is a mountain of terms and also phrases available, that are used by violinists, as well as also though I can’t explain them all in this post I can respond to some often asked inquiries. What is an Arpeggio? An arpeggio is the notes of any kind of chord which are played in sequence separately.

The Violin: Ed Alleyne-Johnson – The Story So Far

I think that you recognize you have made it, when you get an entrance in Wikipedia. Ed Alleyne Johnson, who is a violin busker, as well as writer, currently has his web page though not numerous individuals outside of violin fanatics, know really much about him. Here is a short profile of who he is as well as why I consider him to be an “important” violinist.

The Violin: A Review of Five Electric Violins Part One

In this post I plan to take you with a truthful evaluation of 5 electric violins I have played recently with a view to purchasing. This is my own personal option and also I was considering functions that was necessary to me regarding a tool.

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