UK Singles Charts Flashback – January 27, 1985

Top 50 singles charts from United Kingdom, 36 years ago.

The Myth Behind Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon”: Telling A Story You Didn’t Even Know Was There

In some cases songwriters create tunes without recognizing what they indicate. Stevie Nicks’ “Rhiannon” from Fleetwood Mac’s eponymously titled 1975 cd was just one of them. Only after the track was tape-recorded did Nicks discover that her track had another definition that she had not been also knowledgeable about. Keep reading to learnt what Nicks uncovered after the reality.

In Search Of The Most Depressive Song

Trying to find one of the most depressive song could stroll us with lots of decades and also numerous subjects. I have actually picked tracks based extra on the story within the tune. Not a lot songs actually based on the experience of clinical depression.

The Best Three Leonard Cohen Albums and Why

Leonard Cohen needs to be among the globe’s best songwriters of perpetuity. To choose his best songs is difficult, so I have actually gone for the easier choice of considering the 3 best Leonard Cohen Albums.

Classic Rock: Redefining the Sound of Pop and Rock With Queen

Queen was a band that definitely redefined pop and also rock music. With around the world popularity as well as withstanding effect, we look into just what made them such a terrific pressure in traditional rock.

Top Five Best Quiet Songs by the Lou Reed / The Velvet Underground

When people believe the Velvets/ Lou Reed, they usually believe sound as well as insaneness. Some of their best recognized jobs, or most notorious works, are inscribed masterpieces, loud as well as in your face: Sibling Ray, Waiting For My Male, Steel Songs.

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