UK Singles Charts Flashback – September 30, 1979

Top 50 singles charts from United Kingdom, 42 years ago.

Album Review: Voodoo Circle – More Than One Way Home

Album review of Voodoo Circle’s most current offering. Greater Than One Method House is the band’s new collection of tunes.

Album Review: Doro – Raise Your Fist

The German Metal Queen is back! Album review of Doro’s latest offering, Raise Your Hand.

Album Review: Dio – Magica (Deluxe Edition)

Cd testimonial of Dio – Magica. This is the newly re-released luxurious version of this traditional album.

Tube Or Solid State Amp – Is There Really A Difference?

This short article deals with the differences that I have actually located between a tube guitar amp as well as a strong state guitar amp. Also a few of the pros and also cons between the two.

The Best Carly Simon Songs You’ve Been Missing Out On, Part 4: Servitude And Absentee Dads

The lower well-known Carly Simon tunes would certainly still be equally as excellent as various other songwriter’s best hits. Whether composing alone or aided by at some point co-writer Jacob Brackman, Simon on a regular basis offered up the sort of musical feasts that other musicians could only covet. Right here’s the proof.

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