US Billboard Top 40 Singles Chart for the week of May 8, 1982

A recap of the US Billboard Top 40 Singles Chart for the week ending May 8, 1982.

The Geography In The Steely Dan Discography

For a band that avoided exploring throughout its business height in the seventies, Steely Dan certain did do a great deal of taking a trip in their songs. Not just do Donald Fagen as well as Walter Becker state many cities in their house country of the United States, however they additionally refer to various areas around the world. Naturally, the team refers New york city as well as California, two of one of the most popular states when it comes to song titles.

Farewell Richmond Fontainej

After 20 years on the circuit, Richmond Fontaine are folding a winning hand. Here’s my option of their fantastic songs.

The Importance of a Musician’s and Music Teacher’s Social Community

In some cases it can be challenging to discover a quality artist, band, or singer. Often, it is difficult to know where to start to situate them.

History Of The Electric Guitar

The electric guitar goes to the heart of the songs we understand and enjoy. It’s also the heart of the music that has actually been enjoyed by generations before us …

Acoustic Guitars Through History

They are promptly well-known and they have actually been around for centuries. What are they? Guitars, that’s what!

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