USA Songs 1977 – Volume #2

After the top 100 songs from 1977 (you can watch here, welcome to Volume #2 from 1977 (songs which mostly peaked between #50 and #10) in chronological order (from january to december).
Good listen to less known songs.

The Story Behind Simon And Garfunkel’s Greatest Hit Songs: “The Sound of Silence”

How several musicians or bands get their luck without also understanding it occurred? Well, that’s precisely what took place to Paul Simon as well as Art Garfunkel. Their initial hit, the top smash “The Sound of Silence”, was launched without their even understanding that the track had been re-recorded as well as released. Review on to figure out just how it happened.

Best Green Day Songs – Top 5 And Why

This article discusses the top 5 finest Eco-friendly Day tracks of all time! The write-up additionally gives some justification for every pick. Look no additional if you’re attempting to figure out which Environment-friendly Day track to pay attention to next!

Best Gorillaz Songs – Top 5 And Why

Seeking the most effective songs by The Gorillaz? Look no more! The article provides the top 5 best Gorillaz tunes as well as offers some info concerning what to listen for in each.

The Best Fleetwood Mac Songs You Probably Never Heard About

The listing of Fleetwood Mac tracks is myriad but within their most famous albums are some fantastic tunes that got practically no radio airplay. You’ll wish to give these tunes a listen … that is once you figure out what they are. Keep reading to see what business radio neglected throughout the band’s fabulously successful occupation.

Great Electric Guitars – The 1954 Gibson Les Paul Custom

The 1954 Gibson Les Paul Personalized is without a doubt amongst my preferred electrical guitars. Here are 5 factors why.

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